Fallout 4

Tour the post-apocalyptic Commonwealth of America and build your own settlements in this first-person adventure

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    Role Playing

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

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Fallout 4 is a first person perspective sandbox role-playing game set in 'post-apocalyptic'.

If you're new to the franchise, you can expect exquisite storytelling, interesting characters, awesome game mechanics, and some pretty bad ass shooter action.

This is not your typical RPG - this game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where Nikola Tesla was revered over Edison and the 1950s sci-fi flicks came to life. With mutants of all kinds, from terrifying deathclaws to strong supermutants, to ghouls and animals mutated from radiation, you'll battle your way all over the Wasteland.

If you were in love with Fallout 3, welcome to all that New Vegas should have been (though admittedly, after all of the DLC was added, New Vegas lived up to the Fallout title).

You play as the seemingly sole survivor of Vault 111. You can do extensive customization to your character, including choosing the basics such as gender and race, as well as hair and eye colors, to more intricate details such as nose size and positioning. At the start of the game you are just enjoying a seemingly average day when the nukes start to drop. You and your family quickly make your way to Vault 111, where you are frozen.

At some point during your 210-year nap, you are unfrozen just long enough to witness your spouse murdered and your baby stolen by raiders. When you finally exit the vault, it's to find the world a total waste. However, you run into an old friend relatively quickly and embark on your journey. What will you find in this expansive world? Some friends, tons of enemies, and maybe even your child.


Dynamic characters

Beautiful open-world

Good pacing

Improved gameplay


Typical Bethseda bugs

Hit-and-miss AI

Clunky interface

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